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Diagnostics Exemplary
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Diagnostics Exemplary

The doctor said,
'Where does it hurt you? '
'Here, ' said the maid.
Pointing to the ankle, swollen and blue.

'No bones broken nor is the skin
Just a minor twist
Before you came in
That hurts a lot, I'm sure miss.

But I always check for damage to nerves
Just to be sure
So here's a bit of additional pain I serve
For you to endure.

And he took from his pocket
A safety pen
And into the left leg's knee socket
He stuck the point in.

An ouch, and a jerk
Was the instant response
And the Doctor said, 'It's no quirk
That you jumped at once.'

'There's no nerve damage within
I'm happy to report.'
As he returned the pin
To the pocket of his madris sport.

This is a true accounting of a visit to the emergency room of the Doctor's Hospital back some years ago.


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