JD (3/5/76 / Wisconsin)

Dialog Of Serenity

There have always been
Those who say they understand
I share your light, and I know
Sharing fear is not the comfort I wish to land

It always hits them like we are the only two souls
Who see life for what it truly is
And it is up to us to educate the world
Save the lost children and empathize with the ignorant

I love you’s handed out like the morning sun
Formal and shallow with no sense of commitment
Promises of forever, trust, respect and honor.
Childish intentions sold to another lost soul.

But you think you get it and you think your special
And destiny has brought our hearts together
As if some divine force will sustain euphoric bliss forever.
This alleged commonality is the reason for our existence.

You keep lying to yourself and cheating your heart
But you can’t be alone, for fear that no one loves you
Your vanity and self conscience rule your day
Selfish egos manipulate your outlook on life
Fooled into thinking that the world owes you something

The world does not owe you happiness
Nor wealth and power
Your freedom and respect mingle
Throughout the struggles of all mankind

Some are blessed with good fortune
Kindness and easy going happy thoughts
But that is only some
And the ones that have truly earned it,
remain nameless and faceless.

But this is the twenty first century
And this is the “American Dream” they want to sell us.
Money, fame, wealth and something called security.
Not Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

There are two types of people in the world
Buyers and sellers
And I’m not buying what they are selling.
I will set up my own shop
One that caters to people,
To uplift spirits, comfort souls
Love passionately and live deeply.
In tune and timeless and compassionate
One that is real.

That is why I’m here
To see through the smoke and mirrors
Ignore all the lies and deception
We do not need to worship a God
Asking for forgiveness, only to falter again.

It’s taken me thirty years
To find this comfortable level of reality
Finally a place where kisses are deep and passionate
All else fades into a quite sweet white noise.
A place where I am comfortable to let go.

Not to be caught,
Not to fall,
But to say thank you.

Jack Dylan

by Jack Dylan

Comments (2)

A free spirit indeed, one of life and happiness. A very well thought piece.
To see without looking...to hear when you are deaf...to feel when you are numb....you remind me of the strength of character a truly free spirit contains. This is a very profound and moving piece. Thank you. Amy