They closed the high niche in the wall
Then what?
A soldier helmet between your eyes
And the light of the sun rise
Million guard before the door


They closed the niche and the hole
on the prison wall
They unleashed an ugly darkness to fall.

How could they fear the sunbeam!
As it’s inside me so deep
Against you they instigated
That who doesn’t know thee

The sun will shine in every one’s heart
Each heart has its own sun-ray,
They would blindfold my eyes into the dark
But who’s going to blindfold my heart?

My friend!

The darkest it gets in prison nights
It would be a greater yearning for freedom and sun lights
Perhaps a grave would be your final fate
I don’t care...what would happen to me
Into the darkness of my grave

I only care
What would happen after me on earth
How great to proudly run towards death
So the sun will shine after rain
And the children of man can sing along
We are struggling for the sake of morn.

Poem by Mohamed Alsheltamie a Libyan poet - issued 1970.Translated into English by Esam Jarbou - Benghazi Libya April 2th 2010

by Esam Jarbou

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