SKB (4th December 1966 / Jalpaiguri Town, West Bengal, India)

# Dialogue

The Lone Star: Why are you looking at me?
Me: : For a soulful company

The Lone Star: I am so above, you are far below
Me: : My heart yearns for a distant fellow

The Lone Star: Do I not blink too often!
Me: : My pulse beats too fast, O listen!

The Lone Star: I am a citizen of a cold universe
Me: : My heart warms for you and will never lapse

The Lone Star: I float alone like a wanderer
Me: : I can touch your reflection on a dew's sphere

The Lone Star: You miss me when there is a day's light
Me: : You sleep so quiet in depth of a day's bright

The Lone Star: For ages lonely I am here
Me: : When I shall leave my place, I will be right there

Shamik Bose 6.6.2010 Calcutta

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