Dialogue From A Pessimist And An Optimist

The world’s going to Hell.
Satan lets all the sinners win,
He’s laughing down in Hell,
As the damned roll on in.

Your wrong.
There is something stronger in this world,
There’s always something worth living for,
There’s always hope to see us through.

How can you say that,
When murder occurs everyday,
And the screams of the slaughtered infants
Ring in all of our ears?

Don’t you know,
That through the rain,
There’s a rainbow,
There’s the ship on the horizon.

Money makes the world go round,
Of that I can be sure.
Greed reigns o’er us,
As we strive for green paper everyday.

What divides us from animals
Is the ability to hope for something,
And to change our lives.
You’re right,
The world is doomed,
If you want it to be.

© Charlie F. Kane


by Charlie F. Kane

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Wow- that's really cool- I can't believe you've only been writing poetry for a few months; this is the shiz! The optimist sees the donut but the pessimist sees the hole! Keep up the good work :) x