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Dialogue: One On The Path Of Mysticism, The Other Of Changing Society

First: Person We become what we focus upon.
Therefore constantly to write of injustice
is to be tainted by it.

Second Person One needs to shine a spotlight
on the suffering to many caused by some.

First Person One brings people down from their
inherent joy by publicizing pain.

Second Person We work together around the world
in community and have victories.

First Person Such activism destroys unity,
creating divisiveness.

Second Person One can love all and pray for
all, yet work for change.

First Person It is impossible to avoid personal
criticism in what you do. You are judging
others which only God should do.

Second Person Generally we try to confine our
criticism to corporations, not to people.

First Person You reduce your own vibrational
frequency in such work. If you meditated
more, you could create change with your thoughts.

Second Person Preventing suffering is our first priority.

First Person As Gandhi says, you must first
be the change you wish to see.

Second Person I'm where I should be at
this point in my evolution.

First Person: When you are ready, you will
focus on the One God,
not God's many moving temples.

Second Person: Each to his own path.

First Person: Gerard Manley Hopkins and
Swami Rama obeyed their
teachers and stopped writing.

Second Person: When desire to do what I do
drops away, change will come.

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