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Diamonds And Pearls
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

Diamonds And Pearls

Poem By Kaspa Richards

My best friend was known as Romeo
Coz he had his girl and loved her so
Told me there dreams and how they’ll grow
They were destined to have more highs then lows
But while I was busy getting my own high
Relaxing and blazing watching time fly
He rang me up but all I could hear where cries
It became quite clear she had cut there ties
Now he’s a mess it’s f****d with his head
All this due to what her friends have said
Polluting her mind filling her with dread
Telling her lies about a man they’ve never met
Now he’s the type of guy who would always provide
A loving husband who would never lie
A house a car and all she relies
He would get them for her all in good time
That was his future that was his plan
To make her his wife and he her man
Go off into the sunset and have a fam
He would never shout or raise his hands
It’s left my friend totally broken
That the break up words were actually spoken
He holds back his tears but he’s already croaking
He lets go of his tears a young loves token
Of affection and love for this girl
She means more to him then the entire world
Filled with its riches of diamonds and pearls
She won’t find another man who loves her this well

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