Diamonds From Heaven

Poem By Colleen Wright

Too many long scorching summers of unending heat
have passed and burned away hopes - no rain – defeat.
Fine, powdery and silky, red soils move in the hot winds
from original places to new locations, including dust bins.

The soft, silky sands drift and cause anguish and pain
where various seeds of winter's plantings show no gain.
Sunburned and weathered faces show pain of different kind,
pains of hunger and thirst, and of each a very worried mind.

Vultures circle clear, blue skies ready to attack weakened prey,
as the struggle of life continues to fight for life for another day.
Once tall, strong, trees, and native shrubs, plants and flowers
are now desperately clinging to life in their last days and hours.

Years, months, weeks, and days drag by as some clouds gather
and then as quickly fade away to leave living things in a lather.
Then one day a miracle does happen as one of God's clouds burst
as a dropp or two does very gradually show, maybe over the worst.

Suddenly with utter shock and disbelief, as almost loss of hope,
sparkling, liquid diamonds fall and rush from the sky, as if to elope.
Dancing diamonds appear now as if dripping silver from the trees,
as the softness of the welcomed rains fall - and again, all is at ease.

Comments about Diamonds From Heaven

'Dancing diamonds' and 'dripping silver from the trees, ' awesome imagery, Colleen! ! Great write! ! Brian
An excellent poem, beautifully written. We had a very hot summer here in the UK and it caused all sorts of problems. We're just not used to it! T hank God, it is raining now and my apple trees are going to give a good harvest. Marilyn
Splendid! Such lovely imagery. A flow like a soft gently rain
hey colleen, i guess you have mastered the art of playing with words! ! a beautiful thought penned down in a splendid manner.. its magical.. really amazed.. smiles, krishna
I love the theme Colleen and I think you've pulled it off really well with your use of language, Steve

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