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Diamonds, Gold And Silver
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Diamonds, Gold And Silver

Poem By Daniel Stobbs

Beyond what we see is reality,
The few who see it in it's purest form get a
sense of mortality.

Certain scumbags hide,
They hide behind a dark shroud,
Because of them,
People die,
People suffer,
Yet they hide behind 'legality'

Their black hearts pushes away from themselves,
They turn their sense of morals off,
Their soul,
Their heart,

Their money grows,
But because of them society slows,

Who really needs diamonds,
Gold or silver,
Because of these posessions,
No country is forever,

You can argue that money rules,
But at what cost?

How much am I worth to you?
What would I cost?

We need a way out,
sooner than later,

These people deserve chances,
Screw the gold and silver

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