The day you come to me Diana
I shall buy flowers, I shall buy incenses,
To perfume the places within my house,
Where you will be.
Flowers and more flowers on your lap,
To celebrate your arriving in my life!
The most sweet wine will be on the table,
The most sweet song will be playing,
The most sweet kiss I shall give in your mouth.
The food will be served by a waitress,
Only food according to your preference…
We shall eat that and we shall talk
throughout the dinner…
After, I shall carry you to a walk in the
We shall dance in a wonderful place,
And we shall come back home…
We shall lie on the bed after a nice bath
I shall make deep caress in you, in your
whole body,
I shall kiss your mouth so deeply too,
And I shall say everything I have hide
here in my soul,
Every sweet thing to say for you my
My lady, my only one, my past, my
present and my future,
Because in my life you are just
I shall see your naked body, and I shall
feel like a lion,
Or perhaps like a tiger, I shall catch you
in my arms,
So that my body and your body they
become only one!
But not only our bodies will become one,
As well as our souls will be so deeply
joined together,
That a clairvoyant would say: they are
really only one soul! ! !
They are maybe, the clairvoyant still
would say,
A couple who came from past lives,
And now they find each other again
here! Wow! ! !
At this moment, in the solitude of our
After making the most extraordinary
I shall give you Diana my dear, a flower,
a white rose,
Which will symbolise the pureness of our
Because our relationship won't be never
on the ground,
Our relationship won't be never in the
Which means - we always shall be in a
high level
Of having one another within the heart!
Behold Diana my only love, behold dear:
Behold how dirtythe contemporary
relationships are!
Behold the way they understand what a
relationship is!
Are not the majority of the relationships
Can someone say my love where love is?
Notwithstanding - it does not matter!
Love is with us! With me and you! If they
wanna know!
Diana, Diana,
At this moment, before of my vodka,
I am happy because among thousands of
I said some of them for you about what I
shall make
The day you come to me, my love!
This poem please you hide into your
He came from those abyssal regions of
my soul,
From those inner spaces where I am the
An elegant man, but an elegance built by
Because I am above all temporary
Hide this poem in your heart!
It is yours, totally yours!
You are a hundred percent in it!
This poem should be entitled - Diana!
This poem is my Christmas Gift for you
my love.
He was born from you,
He will continue living because of you,
As a plant lives from the earth,the air
and the water!
My reverence Diana,
My reverence Goddess of my life!

by Adilson Pinto

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