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Diana Princess Of Whales
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Diana Princess Of Whales

Poem By Jerrye Cargill Blevins

-Diana, you have gone for a visit,
among the green hills-
Where your life began, with many
young thrills- -You opened a dark world, with Wedding Bells,
You untangled roots that connect each country,
far from home, among strangers you were
our light, our unity
Our rose of Whales-
-You lived among storms, in places of stone
Where bells rang out, amid the dome-
-"Where the sun doth rise over the skyline ridge."
"And lovers still walk on London Bridge"-
-Diana, "Just Diana", you did never change.
Among a prince, a queen, a duke
or dame, any place, anywhere you were the same!-
-We shall hear you in Westminster Chimes
as the wind whispers of you with rhymes-
"Your touch of gentleness"
"Your shy warm glance"
"You wanted happiness, you wanted a chance"
-"You will never leave us
You will always be there"
In the rains, the clouds and sunshine of the English Air-
-Sometime in Hyde Park
or the center of the city,-
In each of these wonders
A message you send
our Diana, our candle in the wind-

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