(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

Diane Hine: Poet/Poetess.... [short; Rondeau, In Answer To Diane Hine]

Diane-Down-Under has been a clerk,
but, Lord knows, she is sure no jerk.
She does come up with real cool stuff.
I never leave her writings in a huff.
[To please her Readers, she does not shirk.]

The next five lines (for me) may be tough;
excuse me please, Readers, if it is rough.
[If I can get through it, it will PERK …. me up.]

She writes both of science AND of fluff,
NOT too much of either, but “just enough”.
I picture her standing on a windswept bluff,
her speech softly female, never gruff,
her words more full of play than of work..

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Comments (3)

Thanks for the referral! Cute review of a fellow poet.
You are quite right Bri....! I too endorse your words on Diane! So... occasionally you blurt out the truth.....!
Diane never ceases to amaze me with her science and animal knowledge. Always turning her words into a lesson for us all. She has a beauty too..... of making us laugh. (Don't know if she is causing some of my wrinkles due to the expressions I get when reading her work.) Great Reporting Bri. Could be a job in this for you.