Diary Of A Wayward Police Force

'Just give me the facts maam,
I've heard all the rest.'
'Did you witness this crime? '
'20 stabs to the chest.'
'Will you narc yourself out,
for an innocent man,
or choose not to speak,
while he rots in a can.'
He did that himself?
He's unstable you say.
The world is in danger.
Please take him away.
I wouldn't have known,
by his friendly demeanor.
Another man led astray,
by the head of his wiener.
Its a good thing you called,
for the 50th time.
You just never know,
when it might be a crime.
Now you are safe,
from this night spent in fear.
He must have been drunk,
from that half drunken beer.
Here's a card that means nothing,
If your born as a male.
But for the love of vagina,
Its power won't fail.
Have a good night.
Go ice up your fist.
Sleep peacefully now.
This monster's dismissed.

L.K. Sorrows 9-16-2014

by Little King of Sorrows

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