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Hang Them
M (Sept 6,1990 / )

Hang Them

O, creator, how to term act so cruel?
Should this be considered welcome and well?
Why not you punish them with your weapon?
They are not afraid and consider it as deserved coupon,

Shame, shame and shame on you,
You can’t be the creation of THOU,
Your are dark spot on humanity and shame,
Why we pray God and system not blame

All news head lines buzz with the stories,
This increases the burden and more worries,
Where we want to go and carry the world?
Committing the sins in day light with blood cold,

Actors, politicians, Godfathers all in race,
Descending gloom with dark paint on face,
Never hesitate to perform the bad act,
Money had blinded them and badly reacts,

Hang them, hang them is the out cry?
Should they be spared with life and why?
May they be preferring flights in the sky?
Not a shame on face and never feeling shy,

Bachelor and soldieries commit some times folly,
Situation responsible and not individuals wholly,
But these are respectable and influential,
Such stupid act committing in area residential,

Teenage girl may have to hide face and suffer,
No body to come forward and good words offer,
Nothing will guarantee her lost honour and pride,
Will have to say indoor and face hide,

Parent, if poor, will accept in kind,
Prestige and honour may not matter and mind,
Will go for any settlement and find,
Suitable match for any of the kind

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i like this poem for many reasons but foremost because it makes me think of the days when you actually saw paphones everywhere..just a random memory but a good one