MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

(((A Date With Quicksilver? ? ? ? ?)))

Mercury 'tis the messenger of the Roman Gods...
It 'tis also an Angel without any wings-
It can and does fill the air with its hidden mists-
Insidiously breathed through Silver Strings...

Opening a car door is an innocent act...?
But it leaves our pores bare to the break...
Ah, 'tis grayish-white-silver bound...
And, oh, how it makes ones body just ache;

Floating in the air we breathe-to our pain center...
Mercury 'tis more than one of our Galaxies stars-
Surrounded by Venus, Earth, Mars and most importantly Saturn...
It delicately attaches itself: to wherever- you are;

Enviromental unintentionl pollution you say?
How about: Home grown terrorists family set?
Sickening you and i over and over again my friend-
Until our untimely demise 'tis met?

In discerning what 'tis considered normal exposure...
Anytime QuickSilver comes to mind...
High levels in ones very own hair: Sets Off The Alarms-
Of the 'Evil Acts'- of polluted people: most unkind!

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Comments (3)

'Only those, perhaps, who know war will know peace in that way...' such a profound statement, Michael. This poem takes us to many places of the memory and heart. Thanks for this. Raynette
Wow, Michael. This is wonderful, with impeccable imagery to weave your story. Excellent work. Hugs to you, CJ
this is a very good poem mister sheperd flowing in a poetic journey down memory lane anything about the war tends to attract my attention makes me sit up and i sat up and i enjoyed the length did not worry me, i have a thing about short power pieces as you well know but this was enjoyable and i will be disappointed if it does not become one of your best poems because it will make me to appear a bad judge Warm regards AJS