(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


You can do it.
Repeat after me...


Let's try it again."

-What are you teaching that child?
How old is he? -

"Close to a year old.
I want him to respect me.
With a growing older to understand,
When I speak he is to listen.
Not question what I say.
But follow my orders."

Hopefully he won't grow up,
Believing himself to be somebody's dictator.-

"That's crazy.
He will never misinterpret,
My teaching him this lesson."

-Maybe you should teach him,
To respect everyone.
All people.
With this done to be appreciative,
Of what he has.
And one day feel he is blessed,
To be of service to others.
Feeling one day to be accountable.
And responsible for his actions.-

"That to do,
Will be his decision to make.
Right now...
I want him to realize,
Who the boss is.
If and when...
He grows up to be in the position,
To hire and fire someone.
I'm sure he will not be implusive.
And throwing temper tantrums.
Like a spoiled child,
Determined to have his way.
He's going to feel confident and competent.
About everything he does.
I will make sure of that."

No question about it.
You know exactly what you are doing.
Should I say,

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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