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A verse is a verse
Refresh regale
Refrain from stale
Amorous amuse
Defacto devoid of deduce Heavenly humility
Imaginative infinity
Jackpots of Jeer
Colloquially clear
Trenchant trend
Early edifice to an end Bid decipher and adduce
Tawdry Technique
Of jocund jibe
Commingle commentary
In away of redundant rhyme

by Jeremiah Blackwell, Jr.

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I am also a Blackwell, I liked your poem. I am from Wales originally and on of my ancesters was John Blackwell (Pen name Alun, my second name) who was quite famous as a poet. I have only just started to write but I get such a lot of enjoyment from it I will continue. Good luck with more writing. You never know it might be in our genes.