Poem By Chel sea

Define Pain
How it makes one somehow feel numb when everything is painful
Define Hurt
How it makes one dead inside when everything is hurtful

Define Scathed
How it makes one with marks and scars that are unseen
Define Dead
How it makes one lifeless even when you’re still alive

Define Sad
How it makes one cry tears that are inside
Define Angry
How it makes one filled with rage even when there’s a smile on the outside

Define Hate
How it makes one abhor another one, even when one still loves that one
Define Ugly
How it makes one see one hideous even when it’s so beautiful

Define Disgust
How it makes one repulsed by one even when it was everything lovely
Define Life
How it makes one to breathe air even when one is choking

Comments about Dictonary

Chelsea - Define irony, how one can see different parts of the same elephant. Good work sweetheart. Read my poem' If I should lose my soul' sometime and tell me what you think. You have a lot of soul - Cheryl

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I've lost me again
Where did I go
Few days this is how it's been
What happened I need to know

Odd One Out

No one knows me name
Oh it's a shame
Just get to know me
Wont be a waste, you'll see

My Appologies

I'm sorry, it's just my feelings are there, for you
I'm sorry, please dont say i didnt care, for you
I won't be able to live with myself if I hurt you
'Cause I promised I'd never do such a thing

Drawing This Line

You crush
You hate
You push
You take

Never Become You

Sititng in my room
Trying to remember my last thoguht of you
By thinking about you, I realize I am who i am because of you
ALl that you put me through

Jaded Thoughts

Confusiong fills me brain, my mind
I want to move one and leave this behind
I've been handed this opportunity
But is this where I'm suppose to be?