Did A-Viking Go

The power and strength it can unleash the serenity when it abates
The sea, this great expanse captivates and repudiates,
Drawing us into its deepest untold mystery,
Tossing and turning in an abyss of geological history
Into a world and discovery of new horizons,
Turbulent tempests, battles and bludgeons.

Skimming through the water a fleet of ships appeared
Intent on war and plunder, striking all down with fear,
The prow menacing in the shape of a gilded dragon;
Fiery tongues fighting with perverse reaction,
The billowing waves and salty brine spewing from the mouth
And gaily coloured shields glancing in the froth.

With grace and ease the longboats slid in shore
Oars withdrawn and weapons snatched in the future,
But crouching, crawling, slithering, over sandy dunes
Their skill and resistance were rewarded, they pillaged the silver
In the house of Christ, the embodiment of peace on earth for ever.

The silence broken the cries of battle commenced
Shields and swords and silver crafted axes their strength,
Writhing and defaced bodies they had no fear of in battle;
Clashing swords and the ominous sound of a death rattle,
To the ground gasping slid the warrior chief
Whilst his people trampled over the head they held in such high belief.

Rings of purple were quickly fading from the chieftains face,
He was dying with honour he was dying with grace,
Soon one of the Valkyrie; Odens beautiful hand-maiden
Would transport him to Valhalla, with the light quickly fading,
Through seas of foam and flashing icebergs
Into a shining Hall where life and death merges.

by Agnes McRae

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