(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Did I Beg From You An Acceptance?

This is not a version of something before that had existed,
To be lifted from your memory to then quickly dismiss.
Not this!
But you've been convinced of it,
As being just another experience you would rather do without.
Until it's remembered for what it is.
To then do your best to recapture the moment to reminisce.

And not a version of it attempted to compare,
Will never satisfy what was there when it had been given...
To you and no one else.
Trust me!
I know from where it came with my eyes wide open.
It was not from me to leave that easily.

And when rejected...
Did I beg from you an acceptance?
I did not.
I've kept what I've got to increase its appreciation.
To flourish as it was nurtured.

What I've got to spare doesn't have to be shared,
To validate its existence to remain with me welcomed!
Time has taught me what to value.
What to keep and always cherish to polish and not let rust.
It doesn't have to be an 'us' for that to be made known.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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