KNS (July 14,1965 / New York)

Did I Ever Rate?

Did I ever rate? Did my feeling ever matter? Did I ever come before some one or even some thing? The answer to that question is “NO.”

I was so blinded in love that I did not think of rating myself; place myself before you that were not even thought of.

I felt that love could change all, but it never took place, the more I gave of myself the more of me that was lost.

Feeling hurt and no one to blame, but I take this shame for I was blinded and did not rate.

Did I ever rate? Is this question coming too late? The damage is done the feeling are lost, and I must find myself.

As they say “if you make your bad you must lie in it, ” but you always have tomorrow to make the correct changes so life could be a bit more comfortable and realize all that needs to be done is to find yourself...

Love yourself, do right by yourself, and must of all if they will not rate you allow yourself to rate you

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