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Did I Ever Tell You
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Did I Ever Tell You

Did I ever tell you that you made my heart soar?
Did I ever whisper in your ear how much I love you?

Did my eyes ever meet yours and you just knew
That deep in my soul I was madly in love with you

Did you hear my heart beat so strong and so loud?
When you held me tight between your arms

Did my lips not feel so soft and yet filled with fire?
When they met with yours and my burning desire

Did the words that flowed between my lips
Not say I love you each and every day

Did you not love me?
For that reason you completely threw me away

If I didn’t tell you then let me say

That each and every touch from your hands
Made my body weak and longing for more

That every time your tongue tasted mine
I wanted to have it flow deeper between my lips

That when our bodies would entwined as one
I wanted it to last forever

That the heat and sweat that glistened your body
Was like the moisture and nutrients to my soul

That the motion of your hips thrusting deep inside
Kept me breathless as I gasped for more each and every time

That laying beside you and waking up next to you
Was like a dream that I didn’t want to wake from

If I dint say these thing to you then forgive me my darling
My love, my emotions, my lust, and desires were way more
Than words could ever say,

And theses things I feel
I felt them yesterday
And Every Day

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Heartfelt and certainly a message to be floating to where it needs to go. Send it if he doesn't catch it. H