Did It To Flaunt

Did you see what they made us do?
And to ourselves?
The method they used is most embarrassing.

No, I didn't see what they did.
What was it that has you so upset? '

They allowed us to verbally abuse,
And victimize them.
To then pretend with it knowing,
Someday we would live to regret...
Our ignorant decisions,
To disrespect and subject them...
To all kinds of humiliating deceptions.
And not once did they defend 'or' seem to object.

'Perhaps they knew you to be fools.'

Excuse me?

'I said perhaps they knew you to be fools.
And to discover that for yourselves,
Without them having to prove it...
Was something left needing not to be confirmed.
There is nothing like a lesson learned,
One appreciates when the time is right.'

That's not fair.
Now everywhere we go,
People will think of us as idiots.

'Don't be so hard on yourselves.
And you should know this especially,
That a negativity one spreads...
Always return with a price to be paid.'

I thank you for your support.
And such...
Positive comments.

Think of it this way...
What was done you did it to flaunt.
And with such a public display of pride.
Something about the doing of that,
Is admirable.'


'There are not too many people,
Who will do stupid stuff 'and' publicly...
To get as much attention,
As you have managed to get.
And now what you've done is on everyone's lips.
That kind of publicity is priceless.
Think of all the people who are envious of you all.
And to have it done the way you all did it?
What an incredible cost effective achievement.'

I don't know what to say.

I hear ya.
That's how hindsight works.
It's too bad our minds don't work in reverse.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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