Did She Get Away With Murder?

Pretty eyes wide
With a sweet innocent stare
Lips that whisper and pout
I had no idea
That he was such a dangerous man
I'm just a victim
A witness to a mad man's love
But is she really or....
Did she get away with murder?

Angel or devil?
Who is the real Amber?
Hiding behind those tears
Does there lurk a killer's lie?
Was Scott the only one?
That Lacy could not trust
What about the blonde temptress?
Standing in the shadows
Did she get away with murder?

What will time come to reveal?
Will we ever know?
Or do we listen only
To what she would like us to believe
The angel with the devil's eyes
Did she get away with murder?

For a fatal affair
2 paid
With their lifes
Gone too young
Too soon
How could this lady have not known?
Just what pain she would bring
Or was that her plan all along?
To get rid of her competiton

Amber Frye-Did she get away with murder?

by Ramona Thompson

Comments (2)

as nicely crafted as strong a poem...
WOW, this is amazing. sounds like the glamour girl who did wrong but you cant really pin it on her. Heart