(10-10-1957 / Sudan)

Did The Elephant Fly Or The Rhino Lay Eggs?

I feel sad as sadness could be
Cause I'm afraid that one day
I may not be able to say
To my grandchildren
Why animals left our planet
And birds fled away

I am afraid to give a lie
As I would be sorry not to justify
How the African elephant had disappeared?
And why?
And how the African elephant looked like?
Was the African elephant as heavy as a fly?
Was the African elephant as big as a frog?
Or did it simply look like a dog?

I would feel sorry not to justify
How the fish disappeared from the sea?
As there is no fish in the sea
That now we can see

I wonder, what I would say to my grandchildren!
When they would ask me some years to come
To talk to them
About animals and teach them
How beautiful those animals were!
But what knowledge do you think I could share! !

What should I say, plz tell me?
Just tell me
What my answer should be?
When they would ask me
And insist to know all about Zebra
Was a Zebra as huge as a nuclear plant?
And was it as clever as an ant?
Was it as fat as a rat?
But I could only say it was black and white
with distinctive fascinating stripes

Then my wisdom would not serve me that day
It would escape me and let me unable to say
How big the elephant was?
Could I tell them it was as big as their school?
Then what about the giraffe?
Could I say some of them were short?
And some of them were tall?
Is it enough to say they were coloured
black and yellow and white
And they could run as fast as your car
But not faster than the tiger or the Jaguar?

And what about the lion?
It was said to be the King of all animals! !
Was it true?
I am afraid not to be able to define the lion
Did it fly like a U.S fighting airplane?
Or was it as fierce as a Russian submarine?

Retajj, my granddaughter, might want to know
All about the crocodile
How it happened to disappear from the Nile?
Could I say that it had evaporated like water in the sun?
Or could I tell her that to heaven, it had gone?
Or could I say that it was just stolen by someone?

And Lojjain,
Might want to know all about Rhinos! !
Were they like birds laying eggs?
And were their eggs as big as rocks?
Were they like humans walk on two legs?
Did the Rhinos eat butter and bread?
And did they enjoy milk with hot chocolate?
Were they white, black or brown?
Was a rhino so strong to tear down a big tree?
With its magic horn when it was made angry
And was it so brave to fight
even-its shadow in the night?

Ahmed, my grandson,
He is a smart boy, with a vision
And a wide i-m-a-g-i-n-a-tion
He will need good explanations
Very good explanations,
Scientific explanations,
From the whole world, from the whole nations
To tell him how the sharks disappeared from the oceans?
And the dolphin, friendly and clever was said to be?
And was it true that it did save many drowning souls
Then how did it happen that we have killed them all?

Oh, my dear human comrades, it would be too late
To answer such questions, but try at any rate,
For the sake of these generations, just try
To give answers for their W.H.Y.

Yes, human comrades, TRY
For the sake of grandsons and granddaughters
You need to wade the deepest waters
To fish an answer and justify…
And clearly tell them why,
Why the fish deserted the seas?
And why the forests are void of chimpanzees?
And why is the blue sky,
Free of birds that used to fly?
And why is the soil poor of plants?
Poor of insects,
poor of rats
poor of ants
WHY and WHY?

You need to justify,
Why the world is bare of green trees
And why the trees are bare of fruit and leaves?
You need to say where all the forests had gone?

Then, since you won't be able to answer these quizzes,
Of those beautiful kids,
So quit, please
You would better spare them their earth
As they might be able to restore the health
Of that beautiful world again
And they might raise the beautiful life that had once been
Rich with green trees,
Rich with colorful fish,
Rich with singing birds,
Rich with animals,
Full with happiness
And that would be their second Birth
On a second Earth

by Dr. Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek

Comments (26)

It is what greedy humans do and that is to destroy what Mother Nature has created. Your poem touches on every dire aspect of the animal kingdom. Congrats on being selected for poem of the day.
(8) ....OF COURSE your POET's Notes is correct, but I pointed out the personal noun only was not correct. The you must be the we. And this absorbing most beautiful poem from your thoughtful mind, Dr. Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek deserves a myriad of 10's. I truly enjoyed very much this most absorbing poem all time, I have ever read.
(7) So sorry, I have to correct your POET's NOTES: You must all be sorry for the destruction of our beautiful planet EARTH. This is NOT TRUE, it must be: WE ALL must be sorry for the destruction of our beautiful planet. The you must be changed in we then the grammar is correct when you use we. Thank you.
(6) ...CONGRATULATIONS, Dr. Ahmed Gumaa Siddiek, God's Blessings in Abundance for you and your beloved family. I am sure you still can teach and tell your grandchildren about the animals you mentioned. BUT never forget: we are the destroyers of our own loved planet Earth. I know what you wish to tell us/ mankind having created this most absorbing, this most beautiful poem. Thankfully yours, Sylvia Frances Chan, Dutch Poetess, Evangelist and world traveler. .
(5) ...This is the greatest tragedy our loved earth shall experience, but then we are all no more, the generations after your grandchildren will experience this end will endure this. I have enjoyed very much your thought-provoking poesie. Thank you so much for sharing and today Poem Hunter has chosen this as the Member Poem Of The Day, Hurray! Poem Hunter Org. and their Team always make a perfect choice.
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