(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Did To Do

All beginnings have their endings.
Done when they come.
Did to do.
And in between,
Time given from the start...
Until the approaching finish line,
Seems to speed up quicker...
Than thoughts of choices sitting,
From which to pick...
In our undecisive minds.
Remaining to perceive,
Tomorrow and days to follow...
Stay reserved to choose or not to,
Move from the comfort...
Procrastination welcomes.

'I know I should apologize, but...'

All beginnings have their endings.
Even hesitation has its regrets.
Those 'ifs' wished and should 'ofs',
Time given does not return,
Opportunities to rewind to have them,
Replayed to replace kept anguish.
Although what we did to do to others,
Revisits without time...
Having those actions return back.
As if our misdeeds had just occurred.
Awakening to attack our thoughtless.
And unconscious decisions,
Impulsively made.

Doesn't it seem good deeds done to do
Return did to do to be reminded of it
And an evilness left,
Stays as fresh as regrets...
Unforgiving or forgettable.

'I know I should apologize, but...
What difference would it make,
If decades have passed.'

All beginnings have their endings.
And yet for some,
They would rather keep...
Their thoughtlessness to themselves.
Than to admit being haunted by it,
Is easier to take...
Than rejection.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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