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Did We Meet?
MN (11-08-1970 / )

Did We Meet?

When you met me today
all you saw were
empty pockets.
You didn't care to notice
that my heart was overflowing.

You saw my dirty shoes
but didn't see that it's
the clean livin' that
gets them that way.

You heard I don't
go out much
but you didn't even ask
if I know how to
have fun.

I don't think we really
''met'' today.
You surely didn't
''see me''.
You didn't stop to
''hear me''.
When you find
what you think
you were looking for
I hope it doesn't leave you

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Comments (6)

Mary, a brilliant ending and a powerful lesson on making snap judgements and not making the effort to really get to know someone. Great write! ! Brian
Hey, that's a real 'insight' type of poem. We all need to look deeper into the core of people we meet, and not their outside shell. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Dear Mary, If I ever meet you, I won't forget you, I promise!
One thing I do know, I've seen great words from you today Mary.Another wonderful piece of art.Love Duncan
That second verse above all is razor-sharp in its poignancy, Mary. And as for you, Mr Tanguay, with respect, in my view well-written emotional poetry is just as acceptable as any other kind of poetry. Warm regards Mary, Gina.
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