Did You?

What were you thinking
when you got in that car?
Did you know that at the end of the night
you would be among the stars?
Did you know something was wrong?
Did you have a bad feeling?
Did you know that by getting in the car
it was your fate you were sealing?
Did you wear your seat belt
because it is the law?
Or was it in your mind,
your future that you saw?
Did you know that what you did
wasn't very smart?
Did you know that what happened that night
would break your loved ones' hearts?
Did you know that seeing you in your casket
was all that we could take?
Did you realize when you saw us cry
that you made a big mistake?
Did you know that we still love you
through all of the tears?
Even though we can't see you
we know you're still here.

In loving memory of Drew Robertson

by Tabatha Wallace

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This is one sad write, Tabatha, thank you for sharing