Did You Earn The Right..

Did you earn the right to get my love? did you?
Did you earn the right to feel my touch? did you
Did you earn the right to see my soul? did you?
Did you earn the right to hold me? did you?

You walked in my life and took root like you've earned it, or like you belonged there!
I have earned nothing you have, not you much-less your love! , did I?

Hopeless Dreams, empty promises, just to prove I meant something.. to you.. to me!
My Pain, did I earned it, Love I deserved it, Companionship I desired it!

I love unconditionally, get hurt consistently, Did I earn that? What have I earned? My sanity, self love, my children, my life!
No more request for Validation
No more yearning for a companion, accepting me for me..
Allowing the rest to fall in place...

by Moya Staten

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Love always endures everything..... nice message conveyed here.... a highest 10+++++
love is always unconditional, good one