HB (2/24/1932 / Houghton Lake, Michigan)

Did You Ever

Did you ever see a teardrop, rolling down a childs face,
did you ever see a fallen man, bow his head in disgrace,
did you ever see the sorrow, in a grieving mothers eyes
did you ever see the sadness there, a look she can't disquise,
did you hear the wisdom a wise old preacher gives,
when he tells this grieving mother, the body's gone, but the spirit lives,
and then you see her eyes light up, at what he just said,
she knows her baby's gone, but his spirit isn't dead,
I know this poem has detoured from its very start,
but those eyes, distracted me, and touched my very heart,
it made me think of my own mom, when my sister died,
though we all comforted her, she just cried and cried,
we knew that mom will miss her, and all of us will too,
but we also knew, there wasnt a thing, that we could really do,
we knew it was god's decision to take our sister home,
where she will live forever beside his golden throne.

by Harry Bryant

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