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Did You Ever Wonder What Became Of Me?

Did you ever wonder what became of me?
I went where tomorrow never comes,
where there's no yesterday to ache for.
I went to sleepy afternoons
and early mornings
beyond the tyrannies
of want and get;
where there's no new and hot,
no warranties, no proofs of purchase,
no up and coming;
where the only electric sign's
when lightning walks the sky;
where there is no what or why
when the bird sings.

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Well yes, I did wonder what had become of you. Apparently you're alive (never mind the rumors) and still maturing as an Artist. The mockingbirds who nest in my tree are indifferent to my opinion. I open the window, to better hear the song. Your song - sigh- I am glad to hear, also. This is an eloquent and beautiful song - did you sing it for me? I listen, and imagine it is so. Of course, I'm delusional, but I enjoy the dreams. I would never dream of asking for the receipt, lest my illusion prove unwarranted. You're a fine poet. You excite my imagination. I'd better take my pills, I suppose.