AR (12/21/95 / Mesa, AZ)

Did You Forget? (A Song)

Yea oh ooh!
Did you forget? We had it all
But, it all had to fall, yeah
Did you forget?

Whoa oh oh!
One thing I could never forget
Is the way you were there for me
I'll always have it with me
Did you forget?
oh oh oh oh yea!
I know that you miss me
You should know that I miss you
Did you forget?
All the great times we had
You'd never be able to forget

Whoa hey!
Did you forget?
I know you know, you miss me
That you really want to kiss me
Did you forget?

I know, once we meet again...
I'll click,
Because, baby, I really need you
Did you forget?
Don't forget!
(chorus) x2
(Remember me now?)

Thanx for reading! ! !

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