Did You Know

Do you know how much I thiink about you, your always on my mind

Do you know how much and how badly I want to call you mine

Do you know that just the thought of you, takes my breath away

Do you know that you are the sunshine shining down on me when my skies are dull and grey

Do you know that when I kiss you, time seems to freeze

Do you know that I feel like my puzzle is done, you are the macthing piece

Do you know holding you in my arms, I could do it all through the night

Do you know how much I'm holding back, I'm starting to lose the fight

Do you know I told myself, that I didn't feel this way inside

Do you know that I never fooled my heart, it saw right through my lie

Do you know everytime I'm with you, three words want to leave my mouth

Do you know that I try to find the streanght to say it, but I just can't get it out

Do you know that every time you leave, you take the most important part

Do you know that I am scared to death, because you have my heart

Do you know what you do to me, I wish you only knew

Do you know what I'm really trying to say, well here it is, I've fallen in love with you

by peter Scheurer

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