Did You Love Me?

The flowers have died and weltered,
Like the memories he has built.
I wish that day we spend together,
Could have lasted forever.

But forever never means forever
You my dear, was just too clever.
And now the winter nights grow longer
I am left here alone to slumber.

I always seem to get it wrong,
To me you were my favourite song:
You love it, but it eventually comes to an end-
It completely drives you round the bend.

Now with each and every passing day
I recall all the things I should say.
The truth is I’ve fallen for you;
Love is my new living, and it’s all so new.

by Emma Jane Pearson

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nice question to ask could be a little bit late maybe.
Beautiful love poem depicting longing for the loved one gone away and expressing doubt about the reciprocity of that love with same intensity. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
Emma, all 23 of your poems were submitted on the same day,23 March 2009. Do you ever visit this site anymore? Will you ever know that this poem was chosen as member poem of the day on 20 January 2016, almost seven years later? I hope so, because you do have talent. Congratulations!
beautifully woven the words, thank you. it has the real meaning of love and the reader will also fel the same isolation.10+ please.
You will get it right because, someone loves you. Nice work.
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