Did You Love Me?

When i squeeze your warm hands
my heart warms up
and i’ve got to blush
cause the smile you’re smiling is
making me feel happy
and making me want to hug you

as you wrap that warm scarf of yours around my neck,
i smile and look into your eyes.
Your just the one.
nobody else can get in our way

But now you left me
and i cry every night
hugging my pillow against my face to hide my tears
from the photo of you

but i know that ill get you back and squeeze your hands once again
thoses fun times we had
that ill never forget
i think of you every night

Do you?

So whats this feeling please tell me
i don’t know whats going on
in this world that we live in
my heart aches and burns
is this what love is? I’m not sure
because what we had was so fun
i had no time to think it was love

Is that why you left me? because i felt no love with you?

I had always thought we were just great friends
we always laughed and fooled around
but were we actually sharing feelings,
feelings that really mattered to you?

Did you actually love me
and think of me every night?
was your heart filled with me?
and your brain too?

I’d love to know
because i’m sorry,
but i think i love you
sorry i didnt tell you before when you loved me

Do you hate me now?

I’d do anything now to get you back
to squeeze your hand and look into your eyes
oh please come back to me
I’d give up just about anything
just come back to me

And love me again.

by riona Kamijyou

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I like this poem...we don't always see what's obvious. It's like searching frantically for a pen that's stuck in your hair. :)
mah favorite one its really good