Good To Say No

It is always good to say “no”
At least you have information and knowledge
You have definite ideas where to approach and go
This makes difference for what to retain and what to forgo

In no case you feel let down by anybody
The field and opportunities lay open for everybody
You have enough of time to plan and strike
You have open sky and favorable wind to fly the kite

Nothing hurts you more than the desertion
That too at eleventh hour when your existence is in question
How bad you feel when left alone at decisive moment?
You may have no words to express sorrow or resent

You can’t stand with sorrows and tears
As an able body person you got to bear
Any set back that has come on the way
Clear the hurdles and push them away

You may have “let down “feelings
That may certainly be disastrous and killing
Yet there is no end and hope for future
Only you must have will power to make it sure

Life is full of ups and down with lots of uncertainties
It provides for skillful exhibition with capabilities
It may generate lots of hope with confidence
You may be in position to see through scopes and chances

It demonstrates to the world about your talent
As you were able to utilize it with its full extent
You proved the saying “fortune favors the brave”
You were in full control of situation and save

Interdependence is good for competition
But blind dependence may invite the repetition
You can’t go in with limited source
As it may need addition strength and force

Try to be confident indigenous capability
That may clearly increase your ability
To utilize it at its peak with optimum level
You may have then all chances to excel

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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One of my favorites
Very well written, and with so much truth when you think of lfe, dont we all have that certain hidden secret within our souls till death due us part....... EXCELENT Bonnie