Did You Really Worth It?

I have been waiting for you
Days and days, weeks and week,
Months and months, years and years
But as you see is am steel waiting
I remember when you said
That only death can tack us apart
Maybe you died
And your soul is searching for me
It had to travel from country to country
Just to find me
Maybe it did
And its here next to me
Looking at me writing this poem
Wishes if he could just tell me
That he is here next to me
Wishes if he could just touch me..
Or maybe you are alive
And thinking of me too
Thinking if I changed
Or am steel the same
Do I steel remember you?
And the promise we made
Maybe no
Some times I just wish if there is away we could connect
Connect by our thoughts maybe
So I imagine you asking me
``HOW ARE YOU`` and am answering
And we talk and talk and only talk
All this 6 past years, I just wished to see you
But do you really worth it?
All this wishes, all this year, all this poems
All this nights, all this tears, all of this

by aliyah aliyah

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wow gal u burn dis site wit dis poemz of urz, , ur so good at it! ! keep it up ;)