Did You Remember The Smell Of Fresh Air?

Did you see all those cars
splendid makes and fabulous design
they burn petrol and eject smoke
all of 'em

how beautiful are these malls
I wonder to see these beautiful retail chains
they pack all the stuff in PET
it's non biodegradable and will choke earth one day

did you remember the smell of fresh air
and when was you healthy and sound for the last time
we eat drugs to drugs
no fruit is free of cides

rich loves white tusk crafts
leather is choosed by crowd
man kill animals
they died, shrinked, disappeared and become extinct

big rooms, tall buildings
bunglows and more
cut the tree, we need space
they cut all of them

what else you want me to write
each day some thing we kill
the earth is burning
one day you will see the flame, i bet you will see the flame
or say - ' i am wrong! '

by Tarun Sharma

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you are right i have not smelled real fresh air in ages good write