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Did You Say...
WS (June 1,1991 / Richmond hill)

Did You Say...

Poem By Wandering Scarlet

did you say you love me?
did i hear you correctly?

why haven't i noticed before?
why have you left me so soor?

I see nothing inside myself,
yet you see something else

you said you wanted my love
you called me an angel from above

I've never seen myself that way
are you sure you're ok?

but if you insist
then your heart i cannot resist

we shall be lost in love forever
me and you together

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Comments (7)

actually we spend most of our life waiting forour love to us that he or she loves us, then when they said it we dont believe it, and we consider ourself mad and sometimes deaf... very nice poem, best wishes and waiting for him to tell me so: D
your poems are cool....well done
That's the kind of attitude a lot of women have when they don't need it and an attitude they don't have when they do. GW62
This poem displays such a relatable topic. That discovery that someone can see something inside of you that you never knew was there...Great job!
aww! i liked that...gosh! you write such beautiful poems...i wish i could write like that! Love Always, A Po3t WhO F3lL iN LOv3 OnC3 AgAiN 3moStar