Dancing On The Edge

You're dancing on the edge
Not knowing how dangerous it can be,
You say you wanna keep the Peace,
But you're the one that keeps
Taking it away,
You want me to stay
Stay friends with you,
But after all you've done
like some homeless drunk,
You only do things
That'll make you happy,
You don't care for no one
But yourself,
You put me away
Like a book on a shelf,
You left me alone,
All by myself
So I'm telling you right now
You'll always be dancing
Dancing on the Edge.....

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Comments (6)

i found it sad and inligthening at the same time
I loved it. Especially.... they step to the ledge feel their last summers breeze caress the rivers cascading down features of stone and step
a good and meningful write..................
powerful write i think your point was well made 10
where do you step too.. and that feeling on the way down.. how would it feel.. with no one around to hear the screams..iip
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