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Did You See Her?
(28 October / Lucknow (U.P.) India)

Did You See Her?

Poem By Mahfooz Ali

Have you seen my mother?
I have longed for her delicacy, of late.
She is the one who created 'love'.
Her heart, immune to 'hate'.
Did you see her catch that storm of woe?
Tribulations, fallen like rain.
She is the one who is firm and steadfast,
forever defending my name.
Did you see her cross that brittle bridge
and clutch my need?
She is the one who is strong, undying tread
did keep my need afloat.
Did you see her move that mountain,
so my life may improve?
She is the one who wept a thousand tears
for she wished it further to move.
Have you seen my mother?
For I am, alone, naked from harms.
Alas! I could see my mother now,
there, waiting, with open arms,
from the heaven.

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