Did You? ? ?

Did you see the colour of the dawn,
Through the tree outside the lawn?

Did you hear the song,
Coming from the bird which was flying above,
While you were walking alone or with your gang?

Did you see the eyes of the dog,
Looking at you for an act of love,
To be carressed on it's back?

Did you hear the sound,
Coming from the wind while it whistles through the trees,
While you were waiting for a rick, looking around?

Did you see the children,
Playing in the rain?

Did you hear the music,
Of the rain touching the ground,
While you were inside afraid if you would get sick?

Did you see the old man,
In rags, completely lost and hopeless?

Did you hear the tune,
Being played from a movie or an album,
Or were you playing deaf to be immune?

Did you see the man,
Staring out from the mirror,
Asking if he missed anything?

Did you hear the inner voice,
Answering the question,
If he missed a few chances,
To love, to be loved,
To be happy, and make others,
To live life and share it with his brothers,
While you were thinking that all that was unwise?

Did you? ? ?

by Abhinesh Warrier

Comments (3)

Arrows of questions stress the need for looking into all those things that are not seen, but to be seen..
Man has forgotten the simple n happy ways of life..thats why so many did yous... gr8 job with this poem Preets
I love it this is so great.........