Didn’t Even Blink

Vividly I still remember
Decades ago in junior high
On a cold day in December
A little old lady that appeared
to be quite shy
She was our English professor
We thought that she was sleeping
during the entire period – each and every day
So a teenage girl that was somewhat an
Got closer to the teacher’s desk tip-toeing
On the edge of the small table
Jeanie placed a bottle of mouthwash
We watched in awe to see – what would
happen next
As we pretended to read the text
The little old lady didn’t even blink
Still head drooping and eyes fairly closed
Minutes later the dismissal bell did ding and
It was amazing that thus far nothing went
Seconds later the woman raised her head
– softly and evenly these were her spoken
“Everyone is dismissed except Jeanie
Our eyes were round and wide and jaws
dropped to the floor
Every single teen went walking out the door
All but one little skinny Jeanie
Left behind to hear the roar

by Ana Monnar

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