Didn'T Last

There you were sitting
Behind that screen,
We talked for hours
So it would seem.

Wanted to be honest with each other,
Talked about all kinds of things.
Sometimes those nights
Would require a drink.

Got to know each other,
Made arrangements to finally meet.
Met you at the mall,
I was feeling so complete.

Spent the next four days together,
Spending every minute of the day.
Talking, laughing and enjoying
Each others company.

Had our ups and downs
The next 8 months.
Needed to let you go,
But I thought I was tough.

Surely I could last
Through all your confusion,
Apparently I wasn’t
A part of your reason.

You said that you loved me,
Could see spending the rest of your life with me,
If only you would have meant that,
We would now be in heaven. you and me.

Took your love away,
It tore me all apart.
With you my love,
I never wanted to part.

I fell in love with you,
The girl of my dreams.
I thought you were the one,
I guess you were only a dream.

No room for me in your life,
Even if you were to ask.
We tried that once,
We didn’t last.

by Kristi Wilkinson

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