Didn't See It

She fell in love with me
But I told her I'm sorry
Said I don't feel the same way
But she kept trying everyday

She tried to make me her man
But I only see her as a friend
She tried to win my heart
But I always made it hard

Long conversations every night
She kept me up till morning light
Said she needed someone to hear
And that I'm the only one close to her

Till one day I told her it's never going to work
She accepted the fact though she was hurt
She played her cool and said nothing more
And I just watched her walk out the door

A few months passed, heard she moved on
I really felt like she was gone
But I felt something was missing in me
I'm missing her - 'Nah, that couldn't be'

Finally she rang up my phone one afternoon
Said we needed to catch up soon
I didn't know why I couldn't wait
But I just met her for old time's sake

And the first time I met her after a long while
After so long I haven't seen her smile
She cried so many tears in front of me
I thought all this while she had been happy

She said she tried to move on but she failed
And the man she was with gave her hell
So she broke up with him and left for good
And said I'm the only man that understood

She said she had missed me so much
I felt some type of way, I felt so touched
So slowly I pulled her close to me
Looked into her eyes and she listened to me

'I think I fell in love with you long ago
But I was so dumb I didn't know
And since the day you left and moved on
I knew I felt something was wrong

And what I felt was I've missed you
Really, I'm just being honest and true
How could it be all this while I've failed to see
That I love you like you love me'


by Fareez Phalez

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The poet is an excellent story teller. Here an emotional romantic plot is converted into a delectable poem. Thank you, Fareez.