Didn'T We Do This Once Before?

Didn't we do this once before?
Say those things,
We did not mean.
Only to ignore the conflict.
To find we could get over it...
To discover we adored each other more.

Didn't we do this once before?
Scream and shout!
Locked each other out with pouts.
Slamming doors to cuss.
Proclaiming who should kiss,
The other's butt.
Along with other disgusting stuff!
Didn't we go through this,

Didn't we go through this before?
Dramatically dropping to the floor.
On our knees in agony.
Exclaiming to the other...
'Please don't say another word.
Pack your things and leave! '

Crying our hearts out when that has been done.
Trying hard to do without the other one.
And rushing to embrace each other...
When again we were face to face.
Confessing as we held and kissed,
No one else could take the other's place.
Didn't we do this once before?

Like an assignment expected...
On a calendar of monthy chores!
Didn't we do this once before?
Why can't we resist this.
And accept we love each other as opposites.
Can't we decide to identify the conflict...
And fix it?
Instead of using that,
As an excuse to become more passionate.

The foreplay is wonderful!
But can we find another way...
To display a love we know is here to stay!

'We could...
If you were not the one so stubborn! '

Me? That's you.

It's you! '

No it isn't it's you.

You! '

Didn't we do this once before?

Your point,
Is what? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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