Didn'T You Know? ?

Just in case you hadn’t realized
You really hurt me inside
By telling all these lies

Didn’t you ever notice,
You were my only one?
And I couldn’t stand it when you were gone?

Did you ever notice anything?
Notice anything at all?
Were you just gonna let me fall?

You did actually
I can’t believe you’ve done this to me
I can’t believe you couldn’t see

Couldn’t see how much I loved you
But I guess I’m the blind one too
Cause I never realized what harm you would do

And now I will get away
And say-

Did you notice how I hated when you were gone?
How you were my only one?
Did you notice how much I loved you?
Did you notice anything at all?

How about now……..

Do you notice how all of that is not longer true?
How I no longer believe in you?
Do you notice that I’m finally done and through with you?
Do you notice now?

Sometimes, people don’t even quite realize what they’re doing to other people, and how they can hurt someone so easily. Trust shouldn’t be just a one way, it needs to be mutual and both sides need to take part in it.

by Rachel Blank

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