MM (3/16/60 / Macungie, PA.)

Die Alone

Do you want to die?
Jump off a building
Get hit by a car
Pull a gun on your self
Is that going to far?

For you, I think not
That choice might be right
End our misery
Die tonight

When you go to this edge
You bring us along
We're tired of caring
Please go alone

Do you want to die
Just cut your own throat
Take a bottle of pills
Or hang by a rope

You've lost the idea
Of a true friend
We can't keep saving you
From your glorified end

We all have problems
I know this to be true
We've learned to deal
When will you?

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Comments (2)

Matt>>>Perhaps if we could spring Kavorkian from jail, we could accomodate this individual, you know? Also sounds like something Morrison would have & may have done, in ' T H E...E N D ', my friend... I like this piece a lot...Smart locution....Mellifluous construction...Solid craftwork... ~F.J.R. ~
This was an interesting write. A write it seems to be of someone you know and care about who is forever wanting to end her life. I guess it adds stress to one continually talking of ending of their live. Your words were written well and the point was gotten. Sometimes, it is said misery loves company. Some people can never be happy, perhaps because of their childhood, depression, or some other reason and sometimes they don't realize how unhappy they are making someone else. Hope she gets the help she needs, and sometimes we have to move on to save ourselves.