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Die For Love
CMP (03-06-1990 / portsmouth uk)

Die For Love

Poem By charlotte marie peachey

i sit in a park where i dwell,
for this boy i love so well.
he took my heart away from me,
now he wants to set me free.
i see a girl on his lap,
he says things to her.
he never said to me,
i ran home to cry on my bed.
not a word to mother was said.
father came home late that night,
he looked at me from left to right.
and saw me hanging from a rope,
he took his knife to cut me down.
and on my dress a note was found,
Dig my grave, dig it deep
dig my grave from head to feet
and on the top put a dove
and remember this,

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Comments (3)

please read this message I found this poem very interseting. Because it seem really, many men / boys are as cruel and only care about one thing (themself) . I just want to say well done with the poems and i really enjoyed this one the most. If you can get back to me it will be great. thank you very much you are an really good poet. you get this a lot but i just want to say thank you for sharing. please get back to me so i cant talk to you
This poem, clearly reminds me of the love story of Romeo and Juliet, very touchy and emotional, well penned, keep it up! It shows talent behind this poem...you are in the right track and site, PH...you got my vote,10+++Love and Peace...
This has emotion and power as well. This is great overall. I admire your poem 'Charlotte'