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Die For You

I will die for you;
You don’t know I’m ready for die;
If I be alone,
If I don’t have your eyes.

You leave me;
But you don’t know
I love your voice.

That’s my wishes you don’t know
I will die for you
I will die.

I’m lover still
You don’t want stay with me
Compromise with my music heart.

You say will go
You want go till me
Stay with my problems.

Yes, you go
When you go;
Will be close to my earth and mud.

Have nice travel
If you leave here
Single and alone
To a far city,

Yes, you go
When you go without me
You will receive to world light.

Have nice travel;
If you break my heart
You know have chance to back
Have chance to me.

With break heart,
Tired and hopeless,
I say to you
Yes, you will go
Will go ….

I don’t want you back;
I don’t want back to my dark world
You are in pity for my world
I don’t want of you
I don’t want afflicted for me
To end of you

I will die for you
I will ready for die
Only for you
Only for you

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